Unveiling the New FreeNow Packaging: A Refreshing Twist to Timeless Taste

Unveiling the New FreeNow Packaging: A Refreshing Twist to Timeless Taste

Greetings, FreeNow enthusiasts! We are thrilled to bring you exciting news about a remarkable transformation that is set to elevate your FreeNow Barista Coconut experience. Brace yourselves for the grand reveal of the new FreeNow Packaging – a fresh and vibrant look that perfectly complements the same great taste you've come to love. As an added bonus, we are proud to announce that our FreeNow Barista Coconut is now officially certified Halal, making it an exclusive delight for our Malaysian patrons.

In our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our valued consumers, we are delighted to share that FreeNow Barista Coconut has obtained official certification as a Halal product. This not only reflects our dedication to inclusivity but also ensures that our cherished beverage can be enjoyed by an even wider audience.

Moreover, the exclusivity of FreeNow Barista Coconut in Malaysia adds a touch of pride to our product. We recognize the unique tastes and preferences of the Malaysian market, and we are thrilled to be the go-to choice for coconut enthusiasts across the country.

New Look, Same Great Taste:

Change is in the air, and we're bringing it to your favorite FreeNow Barista Coconut. The new packaging is designed to capture the essence of freshness and innovation while staying true to the beverage's timeless and delectable taste. The vibrant packaging reflects the tropical allure of coconut, promising a visual treat that complements the delightful experience within.

K3 F&B Sdn Bhd: Your Authorized Distributor:

To ensure that you receive only the best FreeNow Barista Coconut experience, we are pleased to introduce K3 F&B Sdn Bhd as the authorized distributor in Malaysia. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to quality, K3 F&B Sdn Bhd will be your trusted source for the new FreeNow Barista Coconut.


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